Opportunities to increase Ukrainian export competitiveness in the European Union market

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Tetiana Zosymenko
Vitalii Rybchak

The National Export Strategy (NES) of Ukraine in 2017 is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of exports. The EU market is identified as a priority market. The purpose of the study is to define the directions of trade cooperation between Ukraine and the EU, which will allow to increase Ukrainian export competitiveness in the EU market and will be mutually beneficial for the trade partners. To solve this problem, the current model of trade cooperation between Ukraine and the EU has been analyzed and characterized. The results of the study indicate that the priorities of national trade policy within the context of EU trade are: stimulation of the production of niche products of the food and beverages industry; support of qualitative integration of the domestic machinery into European value chains; promoting the development of European technologies mastering and intra-branch trade upbuilding in the aerospace and aviation parts and components industry.

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Zosymenko, T., & Rybchak, V. (2018). Opportunities to increase Ukrainian export competitiveness in the European Union market. Turystyka I Rozwój Regionalny, (10), 117–128. https://doi.org/10.22630/TIRR.2018.10.26

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